CanvasCamp Protech 500 (5m) Bell tent


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This is the creme de la creme. We weren't mucking when we chose the Canvascamp brand and their PROTECH range to be our flagship. We believe this to be the strongest most durable bell tent in the market. Canvascamp tents are the highest selling brand in the bell tent market.

To add to this amazing tent, the Tech range takes it one step further. ProTech tents have an integrated mesh door as well as a zipped-in mesh wall. Let's call it a double wall. This will allow you to roll-up all walls, but with the mesh-wall zipped in place, keep the tent completelty sealed from insects, yet cool when it's really hot outside.

This 5m PROTECH is one beast of a tent. Purposefully built for long term set ups and professional application. With 360gsm fire and mould resistant canvas, a heavy duty 650gsm zippable groundsheet and further reinforced peg, rope and pole system, it will last the test of time, in any conditions. This 4 season tent is perfect for the professional or more extended applications. With the right care it will last you a lifetime. See our NZ made tent care page and products.

Although stronger and more features than the Ultimate series, it is heavier than its counterpart. The Ultimate series is still seen as a 3 season tent and very durable, yet better suited to the weekend warriors.

  • Suitable for intensive use; made of heavy-duty, highly mould resistant canvas (360 g / m²).


  • Ultimate groundsheet; integrated, heavy-duty zippable groundsheet (650 g / m²).


  • This tent easily fits 2 queen-sized beds glamping or 8 camping.

Please Note

This is a high quality European spec Sibley tent. There are copies about but our tents are very different to the bright white imports from China and India. They have been fully tested to the European standards and carry the official kite mark to show for it.

This tent has been approved by Cotton Incorporated. ™The Seal of Cotton is a trademark of Cotton Incorporated.

Tent Specifications
More Information
Floor Space 19,6 m² (210 ft²)
Diameter 500 (5m/16ft 5in)
Height 300 cm (9ft 10in)
Door Height 175 cm (5ft 9in)
Max Capacity 8
Canvas Type Pro (360 gr/m² or 10.62 oz/yd²)
Floor Material Pro (650 gr/m² or 19.17 oz/yd²)
Floor Attachment Zipper
Mesh Door Type Sewn In
Integraded Mesh Wall Yes
Peg Type Heavy Duty
Compatibility Inner Tent Yes
Total weight (kg / lbs) 40.6 / 90.2
Canvas weight (kg / lbs) 34 / 75.6
Weight poles 6.6 / 14.7
Boxed Dimensions (1) (cm) 118x38x35
Boxed Dimensions (2) (cm) 100x16x9

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CanvasCamp Protech 500 (5m) Bell tent
CanvasCamp Protech 500 (5m) Bell tent

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