Pöul Sweden - Mini Trekking Axe


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The Pöul mini axe is the perfect tool for outdoor enthusiasts. The axe head is made of high-carbon steel, making it perfect for chopping wood and cutting through branches. The handle is crafted hickory, a weather-resistant wood, and coated with linseed oil to ensure a firm grip, even when wet. It comes with a dark vegetable tanned Finnish leather case to protect the blade and a practical loop which enables carrying in a belt or attaching to a backpack.

To create the world’s finest axe, Pöul studied and tested the best axe designs from around the world in different weather conditions. Over 20 years on and they are recognised as makers of quality, authentic tools designed to give their users, whether they be campers, trekkers or woodsmen, a robust tool for outdoor worksites and wild environments.


Blade Type | Carbon Steel 

Handle | Hickory Wood

Height | 260mm

Width of Blade | 70mm 

Weight | 680g

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Pöul Sweden - Mini Trekking Axe
Pöul Sweden - Mini Trekking Axe
Pöul Sweden - Mini Trekking Axe
Pöul Sweden - Mini Trekking Axe

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