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The 1700 Pro stands roughly 5.3m (17ft4in) tall and covers approximately 74m² (800 ft²).  The height is an estimate because the telescoping center pole is adjustable with an removable hand crank.  The tent canopy accommodates approximately 88 people seated at banquet tables, 140 people standing, or 120 people fist pumping around 4 separate breakdance circles. Obviously the Starshade is the ideal choice for event tents for corporate events, weddings, and hosting family reunions.


- Banner Loops: Personalizing or customizing your StarShade tent is made possible with loops at the top. Up to 6 banners can be fit on the tent with a maximum size of 2 m wide and 1 m high (78,5" x 39"). This offers plenty of Promotional space and is ideal for exhibitions and sponsored events. 

- Six Archways: Six elegant archways make up the signature star shape of the Starshade. Each point of the Starshade 1700 Pro 8,4m (27ft6in) away from the next point. The top of each archway is 2,3m (7ft5in) high. Every archway is equipped with zippers that you can use to attach optional side walls, or a connector to create an awning for your doorway or covered walkway to a second Starshade.

- Side Panels and Connectors: Take customization to the next level with these optional extensions for your event tent. Side Panels can be zipped in to offer extra Protection against wind and rain. Each panel is equipped with a zipper door. Connectors can be used to link StarShade tents to one another, creating whole tent cities if you’d like to. A connector could also be used as an awning or to make the entrance of the tent more visually stunning. Side Panels typically come in white or transparent and can be purchased in any color or quantity, so mix and match them as you wish to customize your party tent any way you want. Note that adding side panels reduces wind resistance by preventing wind from passing through the structure - the large flat surfaces of the side panels can act as a sail on a ship - catching wind and exerting force on the stakes and poles that maintain the structures integrity. Always position side panels on windward side of the StarShade and position entryways perpendicular to the prevailing wind. 

- High-End Fabric: StarShade event tents are made of waterproof and UV resistant high performance Oxford Polyester 600DX300D (340 g/m²). The stability of the single pole design is dependent on the tensile strength of the fabric, so we spared no expense in making it bulletProof. Organizing a wedding reception or corporate event can be stressful. Under a Starshade, the weather is one less thing you won’t have to worry about. The Starshade Pro has an additional PU coating to resist mold and extend the life of your tent.

- Telescopic Pole and Pegs: To hold its shape, the canopy of the Starshade tent relies on the high tensile strength of our burly waterProof fabric suspended by a single center pole. To facilitate set up easy enough to do yourself, we’ve built in a hand crank into the telescoping center pole. As the tent shifts in the wind and the ground underneath settles, you can easily add more tension with a few turns of the crank shaft. 

- Stakes: The Starshade 1700 Pro is delivered with 6 heavy duty tent pegs (50 cm or 20”). Pulling out these large stakes can be tough, so we’ve also included a peg puller for your convenience.


More Information
Total weight (kg) 72.6
Canvas weight (kg) 43.7
Poles weight (kg) 28.9


• StarShade 1700 Pro
• 6 commercial-grade tent stakes 50cm (19.6")
• Heavy duty stake puller/lifting jack
• Telescopic aluminum pole with hand crank: 63mm (2.5")
• Pole base and cap
• 3 measuring tapes to determine the location of the tent pegs
• Carry bag
• Optional extra available: Side panel sets in clear or white
• Optional extra available: Waterproof tent connector/awning

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