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These flys offer protection from rain and dirt, preserving the pristine condition of your tent.  This innovative feature ensures a cooler interior during hot days and enhanced warmth on chilly nights. The bell tent flysheet is lightweight, packs down easily and can be pitched on its own as a shelter or for shade with the Sibley's compatible poles.



- Insulating:  The fly helps regulate the temperature in your bell tent by creating dead air space insulation between the canvas and the fly.  This dead air space helps keep your tent cooler in the summer by preventing the suns power rays from directly hitting your tent.  In the winter the dead air space slows heat loss through the canopy.  The fly is a must have for camping in extreme temperatures, like deserts and deep winter. To take advantage of the insulating properties of the fly, we recommend staking the fly out 30-60cm (1-2 feet) further than your bell tent canopy stakes.  You will need an additional set of stakes to accomplish this.  Extra stakes required for 500 fly size: 14


- Extra Protection for a Bell Tent:  Although all CanvasCamp tents are waterproof and treated for mold and UV resistance, the Fly acts as a double roof which provides double the protection.  Made of lightweight and durable 70D nylon, this second roof keeps rain and snow off of your tent while still allowing the canvas to breathe freely underneath it. Organic material like dead leaves and bird poop can cause stains and mold, the fly makes it easy to keep your tent clean by preventing nature from soiling your canvas in the first place.  As a sunshade for your bell tent the fly blocks 90% of damaging rays from the sun which can erode the protective treatment on your canvas over time. 


- Washable and Retreatable:  The Sibley Bell Tent fly is machine washable and can be retreated for waterproofing with a nylon specific solution like Nixwax.


- Standalone Sunshade:  Although the fly was designed for use with a bell tent, it can be pitched separately as a beautiful bell tent shaped shelter.  A Sibley pole set of a compatible size and extra stakes can be purchased separately, or you can simply use the poles and stakes included with your Sibley when your application calls for a lighter faster set up than pitching a bell tent.


- Sibley bell tent rain fly made from waterproof nylon

- Guy ropes

- Matching carry bag

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