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Winnerwell Tent Flashing | Stove jack

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The Winnerwell Flashing Kit allows you to choose the exit point for your wood-fire stove flue in your tent. Made from quality silicone and resistant to high temperatures, the Flashing Kit is held in place with stainless steel rings and six wing nuts. The Flashing Kit creates a water-tight seal when the stove jack is in place.


The Standard and 45 degree model are compatible with  Small and medium Triple wall heat protectors. 

The large Flashing matches to the large triple wall heat protector. 

Please Note

Do not use without a heat protector. 

Material: Silicone collar + Stainless rings
Inner Diameter: 122mm / 4.8in
Outer Diameter: 220mm / 8.7in
Height: 92mm / 3.6in
Net Weight: 0.53kg / 1.17lbs

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