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Designed to fit perfectly with the 2.1'' Double-wall Chimney, 2.5'' Double-wall Chimney and Heat Protector Chimney G2 3.5'', the Winnerwell® Flashing Kit is made from silicone which resists high temperatures and is held in place by stainless steel rings with six wing nuts. This Flashing Kit can be used to create a weather-tight seal on existing stove jacks or when installing a stove jack in a tent or shelter.  


Note: Flashing Kit must be paired with heat protector of same size.

? Compatible with 2.1'' Double-wall Chimney, 2.5'' Double-wall Chimney and Heat Protector Chimney G2 3.5'' 
? Made with silicone to resist high temperatures, creates a tight seal around the pipe, and provides flexibility
? Stainless steel rings and 6 wing nuts hold the Flashing Kit in place
? Use with existing stove jacks or when installing a stove jack in a tent or shelter




Material: Silicone collar + Stainless rings
Inner Diameter: 122mm / 4.8in
Outer Diameter: 220mm / 8.7in
Height: 92mm / 3.6in
Net Weight: 0.53kg / 1.17lbs

Please Note

WARNING: The Flashing Kit must be used with Double-wall Chimney 2.1'', Double-wall Chimney 2.5'' or Heat Protector Chimney G2 3.5''. There is a risk of melting if install the Flashing Kit on stove pipe directly.

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