Winnerwell Backpack stove


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Ultra-compact wood-burning backpack stove made of high quality AISI304 Stainless Steel.




? It is easy to feed firewood and branches;

? Various cooking can be done on the stable top support;

? Easy to operate, unfold for assembly and fold for storage.




Assembly Dimension 188(L) x 122(W) x 151(H) mm / 7.4(L) x 4.8(W) x 5.94(H) in

Storage Dimension 182(L) x 151(W) x 15(H) mm / 7.17(L) × 5.94(W) x 0.59(H) in

Weight 0.54kg / 1.2lbs

Material AISI304, Polyester Ox (Storage Bag)

Storage Bag is included



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