Winnerwell Firepit base Table


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Constructed from hardwearing 304 stainless steel, the Accessory Table serves as a base for the Winnerwell Flat Firepit, containing any ash or embers that may escape the pit. It can employed as a utility or cookware table at camp. Additionally, the table offers extra space for firepits of smaller sizes.

Material: AISI304
Storage Dimension: 520(L) x 440(W) x 22(H) mm / 20.5(L) x 17.3(W) x 0.87(H) in
Assembly Dimension: 645(L) x 440(W) x 170(H) mm / 25.4(L) x 17.3(W) x 6.7(H) in
Net Weight: 2.35kg / 5.18lbs
Contain: 1x Accessory Table for L-sized Flat Firepit

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Winnerwell Firepit base Table
Winnerwell Firepit base Table

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