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Winnerwell Woodlander Plus

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With its unique patent-pending design, the WoodlanderPlus External Air Wood Burning Tent Stove brings a new standard of heating efficiency to portable wood-burning stoves. The External Air draw allows the stove to perform safely and independently from the air inside the tent. This unique feature eliminates cold drafts and prevents the stove from consuming the hot air it has created, making it easier to heat a tent or shelter. Safety is also increased because the stove is not consuming the same air as the occupants inside the tent or shelter.


An inbuilt external air supply to the stove ensures that there’s an unlimited flow of combustion air which will help with the effectiveness of the flue up-draught. The external air feature will allow the stove to perform safely and independently from the air inside the tent. This means that it’s safer for the tent’s occupants who are not in competition with the stove for their air, the stove doesn’t consume the hot air it’s just created and any potential drafts from colder air movements from other parts of the tent are eliminated.



  • World-Unique Patent-Pending Stove for Outdoor Recreational TENT use.
  • Ideal for Heating & Cooking in Compatible Tents and for General Outdoor Use.
  • It also works well in recreational shelters such as teepees, bell tents, and even in tiny homes and vans when properly installed.
  • Precision-crafted in AISI304 Stainless Steel and built to last.
  • Door features a glass window for fire management and ambiance.
  • Level side shelves lend cooking versatility and double as a carry handle.
  • Highly portable-Spring-loaded legs and shelves fold flat to the stove body.
  • Wide tri-pod design helps keep the stove stable on uneven surfaces.
  • Compatible with Large Size and 3.5″ Winnerwell Stove Accessories.
  • Fuel Type: Dry, seasoned wood only (not intended for coal burning).

Stove Body Dimensions: 508(L) x 250(W) x 240(H) mm / 20(L) x 9.8(W) x 9.4(H) in

Assembly Dimensions: 628(L) x 645(W) x 2715(H) mm  / 24.7(L) x 25.4(W) x 106.9(H) in

Pipe Diameter: 89mm / 3.5in

Pipe Length: 430mm / 16.9in

Net Weight: 15.2kg / 33.45lbs

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